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Tell me something! A wiki associated with my homepage I also created a Twitter account “chbuth”,, hoping to be able to get community feedback this way.

Stop the terrorists Edit

The terroristic threat is ongoing and serious. There are the following ways for citizens to help stop the terrorists. First, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), the domestic intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany, operates an Anti-terrorist Hotline,, and ask for your notification, if

  • you have knowledge of plans of terrorist attacks,
  • you know persons who are involved in the planning of terrorist attacks, or
  • you observe that persons are being recruited for terrorist attacks.

Notifying the BfV of such things is very important and may prevent serious harm to other persons.

Second, you may report any relevant information (sachdienliche Hinweise) to the federal police in Germany: Bürgerhinweis an die Bundespolizei,

Campaign against the terrorists Edit

Let us campaign against the terrorists to end their reign of terror. This note addresses NGOs with a focus on campaigning for civil liberty rights and against terrorism, torture, human-rights violations, privacy intrusions, data protection violations, identity theft, or corruption. Such NGOs frequently have a lot of experience in organizing campaigns against issues. For such a campaign to be very successful, I suggest to consider following points that ought to be implemented in accordance with the law:

  • Provide thorough online documentation of the case.

I hope that this wiki will soon be usable for these purposes. The terrorists are shady characters (lichtscheues Gesindel); drawing them into the open will end their reign of terror.

Computer sabotage Edit

I received an email from Wikia on 25 Dec 2014 stating that 75 people viewed the wiki, 110 edits were made, and 7 people joined the wiki. Checking the wiki, however, showed no changes. Hence I conclude that the terrorists modified the wiki, e.g., by hacking into my administrator account. The investigation is ongoing. Please stay with this wiki, nonetheless. Please document all your changes to the wiki, e.g., by taking a screen shot of the modified wiki and the modified page history. If this edit is later on deleted, this is evidence which you can sent to my attorney ( and Wikia. Please keep a backup of your changes on your computer and continue to apply it even if it is deleted. I will keep you posted here about news and changes. Thanks a lot for your understanding!

By the way, please send email to which is sadly so, my only email address that is somewhat reliable. Having written this sentence two days ago, it now turns out that this email address has become as useless as any other of mine; if I receive any email, they are spam, forged, or manipulated. Please help me change this fact as follows. Compose an email to the address which contains a nice piece of information that the terrorist do not want me to have, i.e., they will delete or change the email before it reaches me. I will publish those emails which reach me in raw source form on this wiki. So you will be able to verify whether your email reached me. If you observe that the email was not delivered to me or the text in the email was modified, please send your original email in raw source form to my attorney. To make sure that I can identify all emails that are sent to me based on this note, please include the text "cJ2b8ouYGvEleMGIFuxo" in the body of your email. You may wish to use a disposable email account,, for this purpose, e.g., Guerrilla Mail, (make a screen shot from the sent email in this case). Please use a unique identifier for each email you send such that you can always tell wish ones got through and which did not.

Describe your topicEdit

On this web site, I provide information on my case. However, I need your help to fully document it. Thus I created this wiki to collect evidence and documentation. Please do not assume that I have certain information but document everything as thoroughly as possible. Thanks in advance! I chose to create a wiki as it is nearly impossible to send information on my case to me by email or fax.

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